"No other is as sweet as she,
Nor any other is more grateful to her than me."
Come sit down and listen to my story,
A story of love and passion, friendship and devotion.
To one woman I owe my all,
And to this woman, I give her my love.
But as you read on you will find out one thing,
That this story isn't just mine, it's both of ours.
"I saw her standing there in her white dress,
Flowing like the tall grass in the wind.
She is the most beautiful thing to me I must confess,
But is it to me she gives her love to send?
Can she love me at all? Or is this just another dream,
So perfect in ever way it does seem.
I will sit and watch her from my hidden place,
Only falling deeper in love with her and her sweet and delicate face."

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